New pier at Rosmarina

Yolo Molo is brand new long fun. Almost 20 meters! The width is also good and there is also a special lowered boarding bridge, so boarding a paddle, kayak or boat is easy here.

We want you to chill and have fun with your friends on the Vltava river. So just come and leave the rest to us.

  • Book online or try it directly at the spot.
  • Pay by cash, card or Multisport card.
  • We will help you choose equipment and explain the basic principles of the activity.
  • Rosmarina will keep you entertained for the whole day – beach volleyball, soccer golf, mini golf, restaurants and much more.
  • Easy access to the water from the pier with boarding gangways.
  • Get changed and keep your things safe with us.

Comfort, space and safety

There is pleasant artificial grass on the surface of the pier, on which you will not slip. There is plenty of space around and well-equipped facilities, so you will have maximum comfort with us – change your clothes, leave your things with us…

Professional approach

We will also help you choose equipment and explain the basic principles of activity. You can also properly strengthen yourself before and after the event. You can get great drinks and food right next door at Rosmarina!

Set sail on a paddle board, sit-on-top kayak, motorboat or ride a scooter!